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Infographics- Best Content Distribution Strategy

Infographics is one of the most viral ways to distribute your content on the web. It combines visual and written content which attracts huge readers. Thus Infographics can easily improve traffic for your content. You are missing out your digital marketing strategy if you are not using Infographics. Here’s what you need to know. 1}Smart […]

Chatbots- A new way to engage your audience

The Industrial Revolution was the starting point from which the machines started replacing humans. And now because of Digital Revolution the technology is so developed that the Virtual machines software is replacing human. This is the reason why companies like IBM, Cisco and Slack invested huge amount of money for developing chatbots. Here are some […]

The WannaCry Ransomware attack has spread to 150 countries. You can be the next target.

 What is Ransomware Attack? Ransomware is a type of malicious software that carries out the cryptoviral extortion attack from cryptovirology that blocks access to data until a ransom is paid and displays a message requesting payment to unlock it. It is similar to the kidnapping, but in this case instead of your family members your data has been taken away from you and […]

Conversion hack for Ecommerce websites

There are about 1 billion websites in the world which are competing to rank on the top position on search engine to grab the attention towards their business. In this race many of the website fades out in the background. Through this statistics don’t get discourage and put your idea off for an ecommerce business. […]

SEO mistakes that should be avoided

Long-tail keywords are ignored: We usually use short tail keywords according to our product or service. But look from customers perspective. Users on search engine usually search through long tail keywords. And here is where some fails in ignoring long tail keywords. Ignoring long tail keywords can cause to miss out enormous opportunity. The keywords […]

Reviews- Tactic for local SEO

Reviews play an important role in listing your website on the local listing that Google presents on geographic specific searches. Reviews thus are of local SEO’s which indirectly relates to traditional SEOs. It’s a fact that if we search for a geo-specific term than the most reviewed and highest rated website will be displayed on […]

Content Distribution Strategies

Traditional way of face-to-face marketing tactics is fading in today’s date. Brands are moving towards content marketing and developing their own digital media properties. No one can deny the fact that the effectiveness of content marketing is increasing dad by day. But the question is how to get more traffic to your content? Here are […]

Necessary rules in Social Media Marketing

Cutting-edge knowledge about content and social media marketing will help you to uplift your audience and customer. It is necessary that you know the fundamentals of social media marketing. Starting without any earlier experience or understanding could be challenging.Here are some rules that you should follow to enhance your social media marketing campaign. Rule of Listening More […]