Content Distribution Strategies

Traditional way of face-to-face marketing tactics is fading in today’s date. Brands are moving towards content marketing and developing their own digital media properties. No one can deny the fact that the effectiveness of content marketing is increasing dad by day. But the question is how to get more traffic to your content? Here are some content distribution strategies which will help you to attract more traffic to your content

  • Modify your blog into infographics and short videos

Audience remembers six time greater information through audio video medium as compare to text and speech. So no wonder why visual contents works great on social media.

Infographics: The use of infographics is tremendously increasing this year. The great part is that we can link contextually to our post from the infographics itself. Infogram and Piktochart are free drag and drop tools available to make infographics.  After your infographics are made you can share your infographics on various directories like infographiclove, infographivarchieve, reddit, etc.

Infogram and Piktochart

Videos: there are hundreds of internet users who love to watch videos and most of them are mobile users. You can take advantage of this and redevelop your content into videos to increase your target audience. Just keep in mind that the length of video should be not much greater than 1 minute.

  • Send blogs to email list

Mailing your content to your audience gives a personal touch and can develop a good relationship with them. The email subscriber will be the first one to reach your content and it works much effectively as comparing to share your post on Facebook or Twitter.

  • Create presentations on SlideShare

SlideShare is a platform that is used to create and share PowerPoint Presentations publicly as well as privately. You can get about 2000+ views to your blogs. There are about 50+ million visitors so you can think how worthy will be to share your content on SlideShare.

  • Publish on BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed comprises of videos, quizzes, breaking news which attracts more than 170 million monthly page viewers.

There is community section in BuzzFeed which publishes stories of users. So BuzzFeed can give your blog a huge exposure and it will surely effect on search ranking.

  • Build your audience through Quora

Quora is a huge platform to ask questions as well as to get answers on it. In short it is a knowledge sharing platform. Here you can get a good exposure as the answers are noticed by professionals too. You might know Oliver Emberton. He was an unknown personality before he posted an answer on Quora. There were 15.3k upvotes for his answer and by looking at that and the quality of his content he got a book deal within 5 days of posting his answer on Quora

  • Increase social media audience from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn

The number of users of social media is growing at doubling rate. Social media can be used as a perfect medium to do digital marketing as most of the users of social media are daily active on it. Infographics and videos get special attention on social media. So the blogs which you have modified into infographics and videos do share on social media as the reach will increase at a thunder striking rate.

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Social Media

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Necessary rules in Social Media Marketing

Cutting-edge knowledge about content and social media marketing will help you to uplift your audience and customer. It is necessary that you know the fundamentals of social media marketing. Starting without any earlier experience or understanding could be challenging.Here are some rules that you should follow to enhance your social media marketing campaign.

  • Rule of Listening

More listening and less taking! Social media marketing mostly depends on content and content can be developed when you will listen and read your audience. Join discussion with your audience and understand what exactly they want. Only after that you will be able to create attractive content and will add value to the campaign.

Social media marketing
  • Rule of Focus

Jack of all and Master of none! So it is important to focus and specialized rather than to be a jack of all trades. An extremely dedicated social media marketing strategy is required to build a strong brand rather than building broad strategies that attempts to do all things.

Social Media Marketing
  • Rule of Quality

Quantity is nothing in front of quality. It’s healthier to have quality online connections that will read, talk and share your content rather than having thousands of connections that will fade after connecting with you.

Social Media Marketing
  • Rule of Patience

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Similarly, the success of social media marketing will not happen overnight. Some time you will be required to wait for long time to achieve a successful result.

Social Media Marketing
  • Rule of Compounding

Good quality content will build quality audience who will share your content on their profiles on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and on other social sites. This indirectly opens new access points for search engines like Google and Yahoo in keyword searches. Those access points will grow to hundreds of more possible ways to find you online.

Social Media Marketing
  • Rule of Response

Don’t do the mistake of ignoring the audience who reach you through your online social campaign. Relationship building is one of the important things for success of social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing
  • Rule of Reciprocity

We can’t expect to share our content by audience if we don’t do same for them. So, we should reserve a part of time to share and talk about the content or article published by our audience.

Social Media Marketing

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Latest Linkedin Advertising Campaigns 2017

Linkedin latest 2017 adsLinkedIn has 332 million users, out of which 35 million users are from India. LinkedIn is a business and employment-oriented social networking service that operates via websites and mobile apps. So the objective of LinkedIn is to make a huge database of talent and recruit candidates from world’s largest talent pool. But like other social media platform, LinkedIn also provides medium for advertising on it.

Types of Advertisements:

Sponsored Updates-Native ads

Company updates will be delivered to more people as well as it will attract new followers

Your post will be reach to targeted audience with comprehensive targeting options

Cost per Click and Cost per Impressions budgeting options are available

Sponsored in Mail ads

It helps to target audience easily by delivering the content through LinkedIn messenger

Drive conversions with targeted service and product promotions

Personalized invitation can boost registrations

Dynamic ads

A dynamic ad provides customized experience to your business with dynamically generated personalized ads on LinkedIn

Here you can craft your ad copy, choose your call to action and leverage dynamically generated image from LinkedIn member profiles 

Display ads

Display ads are high resolutions photos ads exclusively placed combined with a premium audience

Attract and engage your target audience with high resolutions display ads placed on high traffic LinkedIn pages.

Text ads

Promote your content through text ads on LinkedIn Newsfeeds

On a budget works for you with simple Pay per Click platform, drive new audience to your business website through this advertising platform 

So choose your advertisement type and start marketing your business on one of the world’s largest social platform.

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Ways to do advertising on YouTube

youtube advertisingYouTube Masthead:

youtube masthead

YouTube Masthead is a first watch, customizable 970×250 ads that runs 24×7 on YouTube homepage.   This type of ad is used when you are having huge budget and want to reach massive audience. A YouTube Masthead ad provides highest number of impressions and unique viewers.

Non-Skippable in-stream ads:

Non-Skipable In-stream ads

Non-Skippable In-Stream ads appears pre, post or mid of the partnered video. They are non-skippable and are about 15-30 seconds long. The viewers have to watch these ads before they are can watch selected video.

Skippable In-stream ads:

Skipable In-Stream ads

Skippable In-stream ads are those ads that are played before or during a YouTube video. This ads are generally non-skippable up to 5 seconds and after that it depends on viewer that whether they have to watch that ad or not. YouTube will charge you only if the viewers are interested and doesn’t skip your ad. These are highly engaging and highly visible ad formats on YouTube. Tough max length is not mentioned but video length of 2 minutes or less is recommended.

TrueView In-Search:

TrueView In-Display ads

These ads are auctioned based ads which are placed on the top and next to YouTube search result. YouTube will charge you only when someone watches your video. Here video length doesn’t matter.

TrueView In-Display ads

trueview in-display ads

These ads are also auctioned based which are placed in the suggestion column of YouTube page. YouTube will charge only when viewers watch your video.

Bumper ads:

Bumper ads

These types of ads are trending on YouTube now-a-days. These are non-skippable ads of 6 seconds that must be watched before other video can be watched.  Bumper ads uses CPM (Cost per Impression) model i.e. you are going to charge each time your ad is shown 1000 times. 

So according to your ads requirement and strategies, you can choose any of the above ad format.

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Facebook- Medium of Social Media Marketing

social media marketing companies in navi mumbaiDigital advertising accounted more than 15% of all spends in advertising in 2016 up from 9.9% in 2015.

There are about 1650 million active users of facebook in the world, out of which 136 million active users are from India. Thus facebook can be used as a perfect medium to digitally market any goods or services in India.


A]Create a facebook page for your brand:

  • By creating a brand page of your business on facebook you are ready to start your promotion.
  • Post your best creative on your page to attract the audience.
  • Posting related to business events or achievements will help to develop goodwill.
  • Creative will be a medium to interact with an audience.

B] Statistics of a page through Page Insight: Engagement of users with your page is given by page insights.

  • Page likes: It shows a number of people liked your page. It differentiates the likes into paid and organic likes.
  • Page views: It shows a number of time people viewed your page and its different section.
  • Reach: It shows the number of people who saw your page posts, segregated by paid, organic and net reach.
  • Post engagement: It shows a number of people engaged with your posts through likes, comments, and shares.

A]Create ads

  • Ads are created on the basis of business goals. Business goals can encourage people to visit a website, install an app, like the page, etc.
  • You can target your audience by selecting locations, demographics, interests, behaviors, etc.
  • Various types of ads are available on facebook. Some of them are page post engagement, click to website, app install, carousel ads, dynamic product ads, etc.

B] Advert reporting: Advert reporting help us in the following way

  • It provides a dashboard which displays the advert you are running, schedule as well as the amount of which you are spending on your ads.
  • It shows us how many people are engaged and vied your adverts.
  • It suggests how to improve the performance by providing the basic requirements of copy and image of your adverts

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How to Advertise Your Business on Instagram

social media marketing companies in navi mumbaiKey Facts:

  • Community of more than 400m worldwide
  • 70 Million photos per day
  • 5 million likes per day
  • Holds the record of quickest to reach 1 million downloads as on December 12, 2010
  • One of the largest mobile ads platforms

As looking at the key points it is clear that the popularity of Instagram is increasing day by day and thus we can use Instagram as a medium to market our goods and services.

Types of Ads:

  • Photo Ads: Market the product or service through beautiful imagery. Through this, the users will attract towards your brand and possibility is that they can take action by buying or by enquiring about your product.
  • Video Ads: Video ads provide the same visually immersive quality of photo ads with the power of sight, sound, and motion.
  • Carousal Ads: This is the most trending format of ads on Instagram and Facebook. There are multiple images that can be swipe right or left with a call to action buttons on them.

Advertising solutions are given by Instagram for your objectives:

Clicks to website:

Send the users to your website

Through this, you can redirect the user to an important page of your website.

Website conversion:

Get the user to take specific action on your website.

Mobile app install:

Get users to install your mobile app.

Mobile app engagement:

Get more activity on your mobile app.

Video views

Tell a story using video

In this, we can use only video app format provided by Instagram

Page post engagement:

Get users to engage with your ads.

Photo and video ad format is available on Instagram

Mass awareness:

Drive mass awareness to a broad audience with guaranteed impression and placement in the top ad position of Instagram feeds.

Photo video and carousel i.e. all format of ads are available by Instagram.

So drive the users of Instagram through these available ad formats and boost your business. Good Luck!

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Employing SEO in your website

seo services in navi mumbaiThe Internet is now treated as the place for everything and most popularly, for online services and amenities. With that being said, surveys presented us the fact that modern day businessmen and companies are surely looking for the online medium as their head start. It’s easy, cost-effective and effective by all means. The place where the magic starts surely is the website and if you are a business man looking to start your trade, here are some online ways worthy of keeping in mind.

What SEO means?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization and it might sound like a maze to the newcomers in this whole online thing. But, things will get better when it’s explained. SEO means optimising your website in such a way that it gets a better ranking at the search engine results. The more visible your website in the results page, the more the users will click the link.

Is SMO (Social Media Marketing) an option?

Certainly Yes! As per the common observation, more and more people are getting into Social Media and discovering their new likes through that. Spreading your services in such a medium will be great. You can always start by companies like Top SMO Services in Mumbai and expect something good.

Why an SEO Company?

Well, the answer is obvious, isn’t it? You might not be an expert in the web-related matters or you might not have the adequate time needed for your website.

At situations like this, SEO companies like the Top SEO Company in Navi Mumbai got your back. SEO Services in Navi Mumbai will know what your website needs and they are expected to do what’s needy. Now, will just hiring a company and leaving them after a month help? The answer is NO! Search Engines change their algorithm and search patterns almost every two months.

So, it’s clear. They need to be kept hired for all the time and you can expect your trade to rise.

Instagram marketing impact in India

Instagram marketing impact in India

Instagram users in India get doubled in number with every passing year. This only statistic is enough to understand how important Instagram is, for your business.

Instagram has become a very popular and essential platform for digital social media marketing. As we know plenty of SMEs have come from the planned township of West Coast area of Mumbai, or Navi Mumbai as it called in the local language. These companies are hiring SEO Company in Mumbai for Instagram marketing. Here is why:

Seeing is believing:  If you are new in business, and you want to win the trust of your customers, then Instagram will help them to witness your product or service. From the new Kurti design to the latest lobster recipe, you can show your product or service through Instagram to your customers. It does not matter from which industry your business belong, you may run a cloth shop or a restaurant or anything else but in the end, you will need some Instagram marketing strategies as a communicating channel between your image and mass.  So Instagram can be referred as A “Gram” for reaching tons of customers.

InstaBranding: The most popular brands worldwide such as Redbull, Gucci, and Starbucks use Instagram as a social media marketing channel. Even India brands such as Tanishq, Circus, Kingfisher uses Instagram for branding. Even our successful countrymen like fashion designer Tarun Tahiliani or Sabyasachi Mukherjee use this app from their phones just to reveal the first look of their model wearing their designing clothes. Well a height of all examples, international brand such as L’Oreal, Vogue, and Reebok has created a community profile in Instagram for their Indian market only.  So, you might get the point already; Instagram can help your business to achieve a brand identity.

So these are the impacts that Instagram can create to your business in India. Make sure that the road of development does not see any deficiency by opting for Instagram platform today.

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5 Reasons Why SEO Isn’t a One-Man Show

Why SEO Isn’t a One-Man ShowSEO is a best practice that needs to be done with web developers, content writers, social media manager and online researcher, etc. So SEO cannot be a one-man show. One thing that is always mentioned in every SEO blogs, articles and conference that one need patience and manpower to deal with it. Here are five reasons why SEO is not a one-man show.

SEO is a practice, not a channel: People think SEO is marketing channel, but that is not true. However, they come in digital marketing classification, but it is a practice to make a website perform well in organic search.

On page SEO is not possible without a web development team: In SEO practice there are a lot of things that come in on page SEO, like image alter tag, text bold, writing header tags and meta description and optimizing keywords. Maybe these are not an ongoing process; you cannot start search engine optimizing without the fundamentals alright.

A good result cannot be achieved without a content writing team: Getting online traffic on Google’s search engine page result is mostly depending on content marketing. So if you want your page easily findable on SERP 1, you need keyword based good articles, blogs, and press release.

Social media management team is necessary for sharing, following and engaging customers: There is a need to build a brand image on social media sites. It means a lot when people talks about your product or service; you get upright or mixed reviews on popular social media sites. For engaging your customers and sharing your story, you cannot make any SEO strategy without a social media management team.

SEO success cannot be achieved without a conversion rate optimization manager: You need to understand how your posts are doing on social media sites, how much your contents are getting like. You need research keywords continuously and learn SEO techniques on a regular basis.

SEO is not a one-man show. You need a complete team for getting a good result in every aspect.

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seo vs sem

Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing both are very important pillars of digital or internet marketing. The aim of both of these is to increase the visibility of a particular site. However, there are plenty of differences between SEO and SEM in working principal.

SEO and its Components:

SEO is an ongoing practice that ensures the optimized site gets higher visibility by making it easily findable through the search engine such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. SEO practice can be differentiated by two kinds of activities on page and off page SEO.

On page SEO activities:

  • Stuffing key words, Meta tags, title tags, image description, Meta description etc.
  • Social sharing integration
  • Blog posting
  • Optimizing page loading speed and more

Off page SEO activities:

  • Creating high quality back link
  • Social media bookmarking and sharing
  • Blog commenting and forum posting and more

SEM and its Components:

Search engine marketing is a directly paid internet marketing process to promote a website and increasing the visibility. SEM also includes SEO practice and other search engine marketing tactics. SEM means basically paid search. It includes pay per click (PPC), social media advertising, YouTube video ad etc.

Difference between Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing

SEO allows getting viewers to your website by the organic search result. Mean while SEM gets viewers to your site simply by advertising, and you literally pay for every single viewer who enters your website. As it is already discussed, search engine optimization is nothing but a process of search engine marketing. But the main difference between these two, you are not directly paying in SEO practice, but in the case of PPC or Social media marketing you are paying for obtaining traffic to your website.

Both tactics are important and effective in order to obtain traffic to your website. So choose carefully and according to your need.

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