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Facebook- Medium of Social Media Marketing

Digital advertising accounted more than 15% of all spends in advertising in 2016 up from 9.9% in 2015. There are about 1650 million active users of facebook in the world, out of which 136 million active users are from India. Thus facebook can be used as a perfect medium to digitally market any goods or […]

How to Advertise Your Business on Instagram

Key Facts: Community of more than 400m worldwide 70 Million photos per day 5 million likes per day Holds the record of quickest to reach 1 million downloads as on December 12, 2010 One of the largest mobile ads platforms As looking at the key points it is clear that the popularity of Instagram is […]

Employing SEO in your website

The Internet is now treated as the place for everything and most popularly, for online services and amenities. With that being said, surveys presented us the fact that modern day businessmen and companies are surely looking for the online medium as their head start. It’s easy, cost-effective and effective by all means. The place where […]

Instagram marketing impact in India

Instagram users in India get doubled in number with every passing year. This only statistic is enough to understand how important Instagram is, for your business. Instagram has become a very popular and essential platform for digital social media marketing. As we know plenty of SMEs have come from the planned township of West Coast […]

5 Reasons Why SEO Isn’t a One-Man Show

SEO is a best practice that needs to be done with web developers, content writers, social media manager and online researcher, etc. So SEO cannot be a one-man show. One thing that is always mentioned in every SEO blogs, articles and conference that one need patience and manpower to deal with it. Here are five […]


Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing both are very important pillars of digital or internet marketing. The aim of both of these is to increase the visibility of a particular site. However, there are plenty of differences between SEO and SEM in working principal. SEO and its Components: SEO is an ongoing practice that […]